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PHOTOS | CRAFT: Don’t Over Think It!


I have been procrastinating, contemplating, obsessing over how i want to proceed with Project Life this year. Seriously i have no idea what is stopping me, i just feel like i have hit a road block.

Since taking up Scrapbooking in 2005, Project 365 in 2009 & Project Life in 2013, this would have to be the longest that i have not felt “Inspired’ to do very much at all in the way of taking photos but also in crafting. I did give up scrapbooking for a number of years and took it back up again in the way of project life two years ago after several failed attempts of digital project life.

I am loving the following blog’s for inspiration

  • Becky Higgings as always is a huge inspiration
  • Stephanie’s Month to Month Album is fantastic, and i am really tempted to give this a go.
  • I would like to be able to incorporate the Ali Edwards story kits into each month as well.
  • I have been working on Amytangerine’s handbook, and loving the creativity and process of it.
  • Heidi Swapp’s capture 30 class was fantastic, and i am using the Memory Planner most days.
  • Cathy Zielske, Blinks of life and so many more are making me want to pick up the paints and get back to my desk..
  • I also can’t get enough of Big Picture Classes and have so many ideas running around in my head and don’t get me started on how long i spend on Pinterest & YouTube.

I have as I mentioned a few days ago been struggling in the Taking photos department, but i have been picking up my camera a little more this past few days and have just been snapping. Not quite sure if i will use anything that i have taken but at least i am back taking photos. Over the coming days i want to set up a photo props and get some of those photos prompts out of the way.

I loved the idea of creating a monthly album, and had January’s and most of Februarys set up in iPhoto until i moved the whole lot over to my external hard drive and hit the delete button and realised that i had deleted the albums with it. DUMB move that one!!!

In fact iphoto over the past 48 hours is still giving me grief, after moving the photos to the external hard drive i thought ok i will move back January and February so i can see what i need to print, work with, and it decides to import 70K+ photos across of which a large percentage are corrupted. so i have spent that time trying to delete what i moved across.

Not being able to print anything since my Canon Selphie went to Printer Heaven, I had done a batch print run, (Due to me using the collect app – highly recommend that you get this if you haven’t got it) of Most of January, it unfortunately didn’t complete the job, but having just had a look in my PL Album I have at least made a huge dent in what i thought was an impossible task. Now i just need to work out how to create something out of what i have already done.

We got a new printer the other day which is great but i know i have around 60+ photos that need to be printed so i am thinking that it maybe cheaper and more cost effective to just get them printed in another way.

I read one of the bloggers wanting to make a book, but it not turning out how they wanted it to look, and i have priced a number of online and local options and paying $50+ a month is a huge expense. Having used an online service that i wasn’t happy with a few years ago, i am very reluctant to part with large chunks of $ to get photos printed that don’t turn out how i want. I have in the past had smaller albums done via Snapfish etc. but looking more into a hard cover look.

I like the idea of not using a 12 x 12 Album, even though I did set one up with assorted old page protectors and couldn’t wait to use it. It just didn’t feel right as i was used to using the type A pages for the past few years and moving away from that just felt really strange, but on the other hand it also feels too much.

I like the smaller albums and handbooks, but haven’t been able to locate any near me, so i am going to have to buy them on line. I also like the Messy Albums from Abeatutifulmess which i am hoping are still available.

so my advice is:

  1. DON’T OVER THINK IT. i have been doing a lot of this.
  2. Inspiration is key – Find some great blogs, Instagram, Pinterest and YouTube for inspiration.
  3. TAKE PHOTS. Lots of them of anything, use prompts like Fat Mum’s Slim’s Photo a Day.
  4. PRINT. @home, online, or in store. But get those photos out of your phone and computer.
  5. Decide what ALBUM or how you want the book to look.
  6. CREATE a book / album of memories.
  7. Just Make a START

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