HOME: Lounge make over..

Sometime ago now (circa January 2012) we layby’ed a new lounge suite, we brought it with us to Tasmania not long after, for a while it was great now its just not working for me. This house is really too small for a lounge that seat’s up to ten people (yes i know we are a family of Three!). The lounge suite is currently split into three pieces, i sit over this side of the room, jacks on the opposite side and the other smaller part of the suite is in Angel’s room as thats what Kayla used when she was here, as its a pull out sofa bed. I have been on the hunt for something a little different, before this lounge suite we had another one that had a chaise lounge, this one is a corner one with ottoman. I am thinking a retro look and i am loving these.

*local garden centre * Fantastic Furniture

I am really loving this lounge suite as well. even if i just got two of the smaller lounges and a wing chair. oh my how i really want a wing chair.

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