The Weighty Issue

“I have been thinking lately about going back on the Michelle Bridges 12WBT Programme, This would be the 6th time i would have tried to lose the weight. Currently i am at my heaviest i have ever been, and i have noticed that my asthma has returned and i a finding breathing difficult, walking and sleeping are not much better. So i am aware that i need to make changes, i am just scared to start”.

I wrote this last week just before i re-joined MB12WBT. I have been slowly working through my Pre Seasons Tasks & Weekly Challenges and have changed our menu to 12WBT recipes, i have even done a couple of walks, and used the treadmill (The cat wasn’t too impressed as she has been using it as a bed). I need to get the WiiFitU set up again as i want to get back into using it. I am even attempting to prepare some breakfast dishes the night before, to make mornings a little easier. As Wednesday will be the weigh in day i thought i would share a progress update on the day and the previous week. I am hopeful that i will do better than i have in previous attempts

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