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It’s all about the Books

For years our house has been surrounded with Books, in crannies, corners and nooks. Recipe / Cook Books that i haven’t looked at in years, Old diaries & Note Books no longer relevant to my life, Books that we have been given, Novels that i have already read, Study Books, Memorabilia & Photo Albums. They have brought comfort in there pages, they have taken me to far off places. I love them like they are family. So i find them so difficult to let go of.

Which is where my problem currently is. I know i need to declutter, but where do i start. When we left Western Australia we decluttered a LOT of books, but we also keep a lot too. I have been sitting here contemplating this, and figure perhaps books are the place that i should begin with. Considering i can get a majority of them on the iPad anyway, why am i keeping them? Do they bring me joy / make me smile when i pick them up? quite a number of them no they don’t. So why do i feel like i am committing a sin…

If you have decluttered books, even DVD’s & Cd’s how did you feel? 


Add your memory {Comment} to the jar.

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