Hi, I am still here

I know i have been quite of late, i have been updating the new Blog, and realised that i have been neglecting this one.

Family: Not a lot happening in the Beltane House. Jack’s just returned from a few days away, Angel’s back at school after the school holidays and back into her normal routines.

Me well i am just coasting along trying to organise the house. It has been several months since i have made over the kitchen, so i am in the process of re-organising that. The Bathroom has had a much needed spruce up, with some assorted Vintage Market / Kmart finds, i am going for Hollywood Glamour in there. Our room needs a major overhaul. Jack wants to put his study desk in there. The hallway is an ongoing project with a new gallery wall in progress. (photo above is already out of date).

Photos: I have stalled here, printer is out or ink, and i am hating the new photos for mac, it refuses to download anything.

Food: Back on MB12, so back to using the recipes on there.

Craft: I managed to finally do the Marquee N that i brought in Launceston, still need to paint the outside, and also get batteries for it.

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