Hello Saturday Kmart Haul

After being pretty much house bound this past week, and stalking You Tube, Facebook and Instagram i was itching to check out my Local Kmart. It Didn’t disappoint, ok it did because it didn’t have everything that i was after, but it did have some things that have been out of stock.

I have been wanting to fix this little gap up for a while now, its a small alcove window in the lounge room, and its somewhat awkward because of the window sill. At the moment we have out TV in it, but i am thinking of moving the TV back to under the Stained Glass Window and putting my part of the lounge in that spot. I couldn’t believe it when i found both the Table and the Lamp Last night. I of course had to also pick up another jar of flowers, as they are just so pretty, and a beaker to match the flask i brought last week.

I also got the Home Door Mat and some tops.

And a quick trip in woolworths i managed to get some adorable pastel pink cake ware. – muffin tin, bread tin, cake tin & Tray. The tray is a larger one and won’t fit in the oven, but it will be good to use for props :).

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