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Making Small Talk

Goodness me, May already. Just a little update on whats happening around here.

How exciting that a new Royal Princess came into the world on Saturday Morning. Cant wait to hear what they name her.

To add to our already mad house we got two little kittens on Sunday Night. They are adorable but i had so forgotten what it was like to have spritely pets in the house, Our Dog is 8 and the dog we got in December is 11 so already set in her ways, and our cat is three. So its been a few years since we had little ones.

As part of my whole shedding things, I brought Marie Kondo’s  The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying: A Simple, Effective Way to Banish Clutter Forever Book on the iPad, and started reading it last night, and have spent a few hours watching assorted YouTube Videos on her Methods. I have been hearing such good things about her Method of Organising, and well after trying for many years to cull things i was glad to find a system that thinks outside the square. Jack has a few days off this week so we will be starting on our clothes and then work on books.

I started Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation again today. For sometime now I have been really displeased about my weight and knew i had to take steps to fix things myself. I have done several rounds of 12WBT before and i find that it always helps me in regards to things like meal planning. I like knowing what the next meal is going to be ahead of time. It’s the working out and drinking more water and less coffee that i have to concentrate on.

Haven’t been stalking Instagram much the past few days after my Kmart Haul, and realising that a couple of things i have recently brought still don’t have a proper home, so i need to sort that out in the coming days.

I do have plans to move a few furniture items out of the house and move a few more around. Yesterday Morning Jack kindly moved my part of the lounge under the window, and the ottoman to behind the Expedite and the TV Cabinet to under the Stained Glass Window.

So DIY’ing is going to be put on the back burner for a little while, I want to get rid of our clutter problem, and then i want to make our house more into a home. A couple of ongoing DIY projects that i have been working on will get finished i hope.

Currently i am sitting watching the MKR Grand Finale, I am looking forward to tomorrow night when House Rules starts back, i absolutely love that show.

So thats a little of whats going on around here.


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