Thoughts on a saturday night

motherdaughtersIt’s mothers day & this week it’s also the 4th Anniversary since we lost Dad. To Say that the next week are going to be easy.. well no way in hell that they will be..

250109 10150188137438317 3331818 n
250109 10150188137438317 3331818 n

IMG_8470 But i am this year thinking in a different light, Instead of thinking about how much i miss them, and how much they are both missing out on by not being here, i am going to concentrate on how much they both enriched my life.

  1. Well if it wasn’t for them i wouldn’t be, so cheers for that Mum & Dad.
  2. You taught me right from wrong, and i hope that whilst you walked this earth you where proud of me, even when i did the stupid things that i did.
  3. No matter what you where both always there for me.
  4. You did the best you could with what little you had.
  5. You loved us unconditionally and for that i am both thankful and grateful.
  6. You let me move out at such a young age, and welcomed me home with open arms when i returned a few years later, and again when i was in my twenties and also when i had Angel.
  7. Even after i eloped and i know that neither of you where pleased that i did, you accepted the fact and Jack became your family too, that means so much to me.

So to Mum I wish you a Happy Mothers Day, i hope that Mousey is giving you all of the attention and love that you deserve & Dad, Not a day goes by when i don’t think of you and wish that you where here.

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