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KonMari & My Clothes

I am loving this Marie Kondo – The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up Book. Pick up each item, and if it sparks joy keep it.

It has been quite sometime since i went through and sorted my clothing out, and nothing as drastic as what i did with this, and i am positive last time i did it it took a darn site longer. 40 minutes to sort / purge /konmarie my clothes, and i procrastinated for 5 days.. I was shocked i really expected it to take a full day.

Trash and Donate Trash and Donate

filled three big green garbage bags with stuff to donate. and a white bag to trash, and 4 (5 if sorted properly) of stuff to keep.

Keep and some of it sort again.  Keep and some of it sort again.

The coats i have to look at as the red one was mums. it doesn’t spark joy for me at all, and i have serious guilt issues over trashing / donating things that where hers. She brought the jacket in Tassie and when she passed away and family found out i was coming over they gave it to me, Angel has worn it a couple of times, and i can keep it for her. I have four of my own Winter Jackets and then a couple of wool ones (donating about 4 or 4 wool ones).

With it getting colder here i know i will need one or two, and one usually stays in the car for when we go out. i had 40+ scarves and i more than halved that.

I kept one of my dresses from the last cruise we went on, only for the fact that its the only going out dress i had left, (got rid of the others) but if i find something in the mean time, i will get rid of it.

All of Jacks clothes are currently all over the bed. he’s at work. Its quite overwhelming when you see just how much you own all in one pile. I am going to work on Jewellery next, and then after that its Books, papers, Kimono (miscellaneous items from around the house – kitchen, things etc), and then the hardest of them all photos, keepsakes and memorabilia. as a scrapbooker, family history buff, memory keeper i find that for me this will be the most overwhelming part. The KonMari book has opened my eyes to just how much we have and how much we no longer see. its there, we see it daily but we are not seeing it, if that makes sense. Now I have to wash and sort the socks etc. but will do the km method of folding. I love her comments on socks and how bad they are treated by being stuck between your feet and shoes. That they should be treated with respect and when putting away don’t put them into balls. Fold in half and stack vertically in a drawer. Update: I went through the clothes that i decided to keep and further sorted through the Underwear & Scarves, I used to have 40+ and have whittled that down to 19 of them.  Coats: I gave the Red one of Mums and the sized 16 one that doesn’t fit me to Angel as she will get more use out of it, as it was quite an expensive jacket i was reluctant to give it away. I have kept two (one is in the laundry so wasn’t included in original sort through) and a couple of heavier winter jackets. When all of the clothes have come back in from the washing i am going to do the KonMari folding technique and again re-assess what can be kept as i decided to keep a majority of Leisure / Yoga Pants, being that a majority of them are black i could very well discard some more of them.

Add your memory {Comment} to the jar.

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