Konmari & The Lost

KonMari and the Missing Stuff.

One of the biggest reasons why i want to spend time decluttering the house, and only keeping the things that “Spark Joy” is the amount of time that we spend having to look for things.


Currently on the missing items list are:

  • My Birth Certificate, have not been able to find this for a few months
  • Paperwork thats needed for various things
  • The Fitbit Flex Insert (Jack and Angel are currently searching the house for this)
  • & The Dongle for the Laptop to sync it (has been missing since late last year)
  • & countless other items that are needed on a daily basis like scissors,
  • cutlery (i am sure we have a cutlery monster living in our house because they vanish every night that we need to have dinner),
  • Towels (Although i found a big percentage of them last night when angel KM’ed her clothes),
  • Tea Towels,
  • Cords for phone (these are always disappearing so much so i have Washi Tape on mine so it doesn’t).
  • Batteries
  • Camera’s & the cords / Batteries
  • Clothes

Add your memory {Comment} to the jar.

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