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Family Time


Oh how I longed in a dreamlike state to be a part of the Braverman, Helliwell, Walker Families, Any of those TV Families that have the perfect skin, and bright smile, Siting around a large oak table with bottles of wine and fine foods cooked with such love and care.. Don’t get me wrong as far as families go I had it good, great in fact. Knowing that whatever happens they have your back, and you there’s. Catching up on old memories and making new ones to take their place.. Savouring the smells and tastes of meals passed down from generation to generation.

Scrap that I wanna be a Proudman 🙂 thats real life..

A social family…

You know those times when you see photos on Facebook and wish that you had that exciting life…
On some tropical Twitter like island…
Or when you are browsing Instagram and everything is in place, so neat tidy, organised pretty… (Ie: staged 🙂 to within an inch of its life). Seriously when did real life become so made up..
This isn’t Pinterest where everything is exactly how you want it to be…

But alas I am just little old me…
Already part of
A family…

My family…

Somewhere we lost that life and things became a new normal. When we do eat together just me and my little family of three it’s usually me in the lounge, Angel at the table and Jack either at work or eating something entirely different. Occasionally we will sit and eat together but those moments are becoming few and far between. One of the reasons i am trying to get the house more organised is so we are not so stressed that we can’t eat together.

Even sitting in the lounge room we sit on various couches. There just seems to be a disconnect at the moment.

Currently my house isn’t Pinterest Organised, it’s not even FlyLady Ready no where even close to it. Doing this KonMari Method we have stuff everywhere. I am also moving things around as i go. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time in the day.

We don’t live in the perfectly organised clean house, for God sake we have cats nothing’s ever going to be perfect again.. We are actually discussing getting a new lounge at some stage and Jack pointed out that we have new kittens and its just not worth it.

I really am looking forward to the day that this is all done, that all of the excess stuff and clutter is gone. That we can sit at a table together sharing stories of our day, or in the lounge and hang out watching movies.

I live in hope…
If and when it happens i will be sure to share it on

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