KonMari & Kmart and combining my worlds

You will have noticed an influx of posts here that where previously on my other blog “Mrs B’s Place”, i made the decision this week to combine the blogs together as i haven’t been blogging at all, and personally for me its just easier this way..

As you may know i have been doing the KonMari Method over the past few months and have completed Clothes, Books, Paper, Stationary, Craft Supplies, and various other Komono items, i have how-ever began to stumble on the Kitchen area, i have been doing it slowly, and some things have been sorted others i am still to work on. it should have been a relatively easy task, but i have been procrastinating over it.

Another area i am stuck on is Kmart… here i am getting the house in order and they go and up the stakes on the homewares to a level to high that i am dizzy with wanting all of the pretty stuff. though i have been a little more choosey on the items i am after, and have places in my for what i have brought and want to buy. The house does look so much better with the extra layers.

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