July 2015

Bookmarking: I seem to be spending all of my time these days on Instagram and checking out Kmartgrams.
Buying: Way too much at kmart
Cringing: At
Cooking: Still loving the Jamie Oliver meals.
Coveting: Anything that isn’t in the above photo from kmart.
Deciding: what to watch next on Netflix. OMG its so addictive, and i am loving binge watching so many australian TV shows that i had previously ignored.
Disliking: That we are having car problems.
Drinking: Too much coffee, and then getting sick of coffee.
Enjoying: neighbours.
Feeling: meh. no reason why in particular.
Following: kmart instagram posts.
Getting: very little sleep
Giggling: at the things that our cats get up too.
Pondering: life and all of its possibilities.
Questioning: The meaning of life…
Reading: nothing at the moment.
Snacking: on Cadbury chocolates. After our recent visit to the Cadbury factory last week and the bucket-load of chocolate we brought.
Original Taking stock created by Pip from Meet Me at Mikes

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