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Week in the Life

The week has come to a close, lots of photos taken, and memories made. little parts of our life captured on camera.

_ How i Feel about the week just gone _

Monday i took so many photos, by Sunday though i was exhausted and didn’t have much to take photos of. so will be using some filler ones i took through the week of general house things. There is probably a lot of could have done and taken photos of, but we didn’t really do much or go anywhere, other weeks may have been much more interesting.

I mostly used my iPhone, but also the Fuji & Samsung NX300 cameras. Jack took photos on his Samsung S6Edge, and Angel took them using her iPad. I tied this in with Heidi Swapps HSCaptureLife Project and FMS Photo-A-Day, so some photos may overlap at some point, but generally i just took lots of photos of stuff.

– Around Our Home –

Looking through the above shots it has become evident that i have a very vintage / old school style in our home, i tend to gravitate more towards that than modern, even though i love the modern monochromatic clean lines of all of the homes / spaces that i see on Instagram & Pinterest.

Quite a number of people have commented on social media on the above picture and said i should be / go into interior design, Jack’s also mentioned this on occasions, and a couple of the photos said that they look like they are from a catalogue or magazine. It’s lovely to hear such comments not just because of something i have styled, but also my photography. (which 99% of the time i have to say is cropped / zoomed in and has filters applied) so it isn’t entirely what our house looks like.

We have gotten rid of a number of things by doing the KonMari Method, and keeping the things that bring me joy really changes the way you see your home. The things i truly love are the extras, the layers that create the pretty parts of our home, like the jars of fake white flowers, the billion and 1 candles of all sorts, the jars and vases, Cushions and Throws. Much of the time it looks like a tornado has gone through, most things have cat hair all over it, and the furniture could really do with a good dust. I have this want to get rid of everything on one hand but on the other want to go to Kmart, Target, The Reject Shop, Shiploads, Chillie, The Importer shop and random little gift shops and by things..

This week we have a rent inspection so i will be able to get some more photos when the house is spotless. It’s always is a different space each rent inspection, and i like creating little Vignettes around the place. But i like little nooks, like the book nook that i have been working on.

Sure there are a million projects running through my head at anyone time, which makes it all the more satisfying when things get completed like the peg board yesterday. i absolutely love it, and cant wait for jack to create another one where the coffee machine is. There are also a million and 5 things that bug me, like the TV unit that has never looked right and the drawer that is falling out.

– Back on Track – …

I can’t say life is all sunshine lollypops and rainbows, because it isn’t, I am so sick this week with the flu so i am glad that i did the project last week when i felt better.

Add your memory {Comment} to the jar.

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