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Legally Blonde

Wednesday, Sept. 2:
Legally Blonde @the Princess Theatre. 
Jack Surprised me with Tickets to Legally Blonde the Musical. It has been on my bucket list to go to a theatre show for a while, and Legally Blonde is one of my Favourite Movies. I have lost count as to how many times i have watched it, so was quite interesting to see how much i could remember.
We walked around Launceston (Reminder to self DONT WEAR HIGH HEALED BOOTS).
 IMG_8718 IMG_8719 IMG_8720 IMG_8721 IMG_8722 IMG_8723 IMG_8724 IMG_8725 IMG_8726 IMG_8727 IMG_8728 IMG_8729 IMG_8730 IMG_8731 IMG_8732 IMG_8733 IMG_8734 IMG_8735 IMG_8736 IMG_8737 IMG_8738 IMG_8750 IMG_8739 IMG_8740 IMG_8741 IMG_8742 IMG_8743 IMG_8744 IMG_8745 IMG_8746
Describe your ideal day. Where would you go and what would you do? #blogtemberchallenge

My Day would always start with a coffee overlooking the ocean and watching the sun rising over it, preferably living in a house by the ocean.

Followed by Breakfast at our favourite coffee shop.

Going shopping in Kmart, Target & Spotlight, and buying all of the things that i haven’t been able to find.

If i don’t get to have breakfast at our fave coffee place there i will have lunch on the way home from shopping.

Perhaps an afternoon of taking ocean / beach photos with a stop at the local beachside cafe.

A dinner out, overlooking the ocean again, watching the sun setting.

A glass of wine & cheese Platter Watching a movie with #mylove

FMS Photo a Day: Happiness Is / Heidi Swapp: Note to self
Happiness is Time spent together, Note to Self that we we need to do this more often.
Favourite Phone Apps
My go to apps are: (no particular order)
  • 12WBTDaily / 12WBT Desktop
  • Netlix (major Nashville Marathon is in order)
  • Breeze & Human (2 great motion detecting apps).
Photography Apps:
  • Little Moments by Fat Mum Slim
  • Instagram (Lately i use this more than Facebook)
  • Project Life by Becky Higgins
  • Rhonna Designs & RD Magic
  • Collect
  • ABM (A Beautiful Mess) | Partparty
  • Paint + Paper
  • b612
  • Afterlight | Pictapgo
  • Typorama | WordSwag | Word Dream | Typic
  • Layout
Champagne Laced UBI: what words do you absolutely hate and which words do you absolutley love
Words i hate:
  • Hate, War
  • Fish, Strawberries, Mushrooms
  • Weightgain

Words i Love

  • LOVE (This is my One Little Word for this year)
  • Together, Family, Memories
  • Camera, Photos, Photography.

Add your memory {Comment} to the jar.

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