Life at Number 6

EST. 2005-2017


I have removed myself as Admin from all groups. If people have an issue with this, Call someone who cares.. Metal Detecting, Gardening, Buy and Sell Groups… Can turn a person into a mad woman. Private messages when we are out, friend requests from complete strangers to sort out problems. Gahh over it.. After many people reporting posts and private messaging to tell me that they are not happy with the posts on the group. I ask politely for people to do the right thing and get called an over zealous admin. Seriously who needs that kind of stress in their life.. It’s the demanding to have things done then and there. Its not always possible to do everything from a phone either.. Have the say my favourite groups to admin are the – Just 2 Beltanes – Kitchen, Garden, DIY editions. hahaha. just me and jack on them, i spam him with stuff that i like, its like my own personal pinterest ..

Onto better and bigger tasks..

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