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Thursday Thoughts

typorama-3What’s in a Name:

This article came up on & was featured on Studio 10 this morning, i regards to Amal Clooney and her “Surname”.

1. Hasn’t she been married around a year now, this should be and is old news.

2. When I met Jack, he had his former wife’s surname, (I have discussed this many times on here before) We felt that it wasn’t right for me to take that Name, and he didn’t want to go back to his Birth Name for his own reasons, He changed it by deed poll and i took it on about 6 weeks later. I wasn’t keen on keeping my Maiden name and choosing something that fitted both of us felt right. So we went through a bunch of books and chose our own surname.

Regardless of if you choose your husband’s or wife’s name or a combination of names or a whole new name altogether, this should be up to you as a couple. Of course i realise that in some instances people continue to use there maiden name for different purposes (musicians, actors, authors etc) in a professional sense, but really what does that have to do with someone outside of your relationship, family circle.

Its actually rare that i get called Mrs Beltane anyway, Most people call me by my first name.

Mr’s Beltane…


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