Thursday Thoughts Sept 17th

I find it incredibly sad that the words of a complete stranger could bring you (Me) down so much. I am feeling very fragile this morning after last nights accusations.

I know full well that the words that i write on this blog are my own, i am sitting here writing them.

I know that.

But still to be accused of something is still wrong.

It’s hurtful.

I pour my heart and soul into this little space, and to have that questioned by someone that doesn’t know my life, my history, my story.

I have cried this morning.

Cried because my safe haven has been compromised, and now i am uncertain and have reservations about my own abilities and even if my own thoughts can be picked apart what does that say about me.

Maybe i should just pack it all away in my heart where i know the nasty people cant get to.

This little world.

This little haven.

This little space..

Take time away..

Or perhaps i just close this space, and it becomes a memory of past memories.

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