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DIY: The Great Buffet Makeover

We brought this buffet unit in 2007 from Todds Auctions for around $600 – $700, The purpose of it was to use as our kitchen in the barn, i can’t find a photo right now of when it was in place (But above is when we took it to Merredin).

The Top we brought in Merredin for $125. from a local SecondHand Furniture shop. We carried it all the way over in the container where it took a most of the room, Where for three years it ended up sitting in the shed.

In February we brought this from one of the local shops here, I use it for Photos and other memorabilia, so i used the colours in it as a base.

We had been using a flatpack white entertainment unit that had really had its day, and every time i looked at it i would cringe as the drawers where falling out. So Jack went and got this out of the shed,

Whilst looking around in Bunnings i came across the light mint spray paint, i just loved the colour,
And after another visit i picked up the yellow spray paint, The White Spray Paint i also brought a small sample pot of Antique White USA and the Teal Sample Pot on the Reject Paint trolley

First job was to spray & paint all of the doors and drawers, and figure out the configuration that i wants it to go in.

I then asked Jack, would the TV fit into the hutch part of the unit, the answer was a big NO, but whilst we had the paint there, we painted up the top as well.

I took this when i came into the lounge this morning after opening the blinds, it really does make the whole thing pop with colour when you walk into the room. We have a White Lounge and a Grey one, and many of the home decor items are the teal / mint blue with a touch of green or yellow.

  • Before and Afters –

Top of the unit.
Behind the Yellow Door is our Fetch TV, WiiFitU & BlueRay Player.
We left the top as is.

Bottom of unit
The bottom will be for the DVD’s and WiiU Bits and Pieces.

Side by side.
The Unit from Chillie and the Made over Buffett.

  • Overall –

I am really pleased with how it turned out, It is so bright and cheerful. Looking forward to adding some decor items to it, and i cant wait to get the handles for it,

I have chosen these for the four drawers at the bottom, I need to now find 8 of the same or assorted handles for the doors and two smaller drawers


IMG_9381 IMG_9385

White Spray paint & Antique White USA over the top.

IMG_9383 IMG_9384 IMG_9382

Ocean Mist Spray Paint. Sun Yellow Spray Paint. The Teal was found in the Bunnings Reject Pile.


The grey is Tin Cat. We just brought a large tin for indoor outdoor  use.

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