September List

Admiring: The Nikki Lissoni Bracelets.

Buying: More stuff from Kmart.

Cooking: Again with my Thermomix.

Considering: Or reconsidering Jacks offer to buy another Canon Selphy. (*)

Coveting: Nikki Lissoni Braceletes, and new marble stuff at Kmart.

Drinking: Coke. I seriously cant stand this stuff, but i have been craving it this week.

Deciding: And debating as to why i am on the Michelle Bridges programme, at all apart from the menu plan. But i am looking at doing the Biggest Loser plan next time.

Disliking: That i am so far behind on Memory Keeping. Yes this is an ongoing rant about this topic.

Enjoying: The new TV Show 800 Words.

Following: My Own path..

Feeling: Tired, sleep seems to have been evading me lately.

Giggling: At the stuff that Angel comes out with.

Hoping: That the Canon Selphy fixes my photo printing dilemma.

Helping: Jack with Projects.

Hearing: About the god damn Football Finals.

Looking: At refurbishing a chair we have,

Liking: The Entertainment Unit we painted up.

Loving: All of the Copper & Marble stuff thats out at the moment.

Making: The Chicken & Mint Pesto recipe from the new Jamie Oliver Book.

Noticing: How many tulips are out.

Opening: nothing that i can think of.

Playing: nothing.

Pondering: Life and all that it holds.

Reading: Nothing except for Facebook.

Smelling: everything again. It was awful being so sick.

Sorting: stalled somewhat in my Konmari Sorting, really need to start again.

Snacking: on Jelly Beans and pretty much anything that contains sugar. Not looking forward to the October Dr’s appointment for a diabetic test.

Wanting: A large long list of stuff that grows overtime i see something new on one of the kmart pages.

Wishing: I had a lot of money to buy all of the stuff from kmart.

Waiting: For the above mentioned (*) Canon Selphy to show up. Damn you Aust. Post for being as slow as a snail.

Wearing: Socks to keep my feet warm.. Bring on the warmer weather i am over feeling like an icicle.

Watching: Fetch or i would be but it died!

Original Taking stock created by Pip from Meet Me at Mikes

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