Locked Out

At the moment I am locked out of WordPress, I can still update via email, but I can not edit anything. I have contacted wordpress and I am still waiting to hear back, It has been about 24 hours now.

A few months ago we had the exchange email deleted as it hadn’t worked for 6 months as it was tied in with the Business email / account and that had been removed prior to that, This blog was attached to that exchange set up, So i have tried to reset the password and it goes to that email which doesn’t exist, by sending it to my current email address it takes me to a blog that hasn’t existed since 2009.. and just takes me in circles.

It’s very frustrating. Hopefully it will be fixed sooner rather than later, otherwise i am going to have a problem.

If for any reason you need to contact me please do so via atmrsbsplace

*Photo via Typorama App.

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