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A Dr’s Visit.

So you may recall last year when I had a bunch of tests for my Heart and Diabetes, well I was meant to go back in April and never did.

I was sick with the flu last month I went to the Dr’s, to one I haven’t seen before, he looked at my medical history and asked me to come back for the diabetic test, so need to fast tonight (Tuesday Night).

Now that’s fine except for the fact that i hate having needles (yeah getting a tattoo would be torture for me)!

So I am sitting here freaking out about having the tests. I know I shouldn’t be, but I get so anxious about having needles, but i just cant help it, and the more i think about it the more anxious i get.

Wish me luck.

So i go in to the surgery just before 8:30 which was my scheduled appointment, 9am i am still waiting. I was under the impression that last time i saw the Dr i was to have the Diabetic test, which involves having a blood test and then coming back an hour later. I went and asked how long it would be and was told the Dr hadn’t arrived yet. A few minutes later the nurse came out to get me, and she is one that i have seen a few times, and knows how hard it is to find the veins to take blood.

So she attempts to take it, sticks the needle in and doesn’t get it, by this time the Dr has just arrived (as we where walking to the nurses office), so she calls him and we again have to go and wait, We go into see him and he after what felt like an eternity found a vein in my hand (they have found it there before). (i guess it was about 5-10 minutes it took), but being so anxious about needles it felt a lot longer.

After he finally took the blood that he needed for the tests, we discussed other issues. For many years i have had breathing problems (as a teenager i was diagnosed as an Asthmatic), Jack can testify as to how much i wheeze at night as it keeps him awake most nights and has for 15 years. The Dr gave me a Script for two different Ventolin’s (it has been around 20 years since i last had an inhaler).

Before bed last night i took the higher dose one, (jack was at work on night shift). I not long got out of bed and he said to me, you where breathing much better.

So i may have had a mild panic attack before going to the Dr’s but in the end i achieved something by fixing a long term problem.

I still hate needles.

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