Lamp Table DIY

I brought this lamp a week or so ago, i just love the Copper & Black combination with the Marble Base, it’s just so pretty.

When i sent shopping and found only one of these and left it i was so disappointed. But i was thrilled to find two a few days later at another Kmart.

Love these bigger bulbs in it, and cant wait until the Oil Burners come into stock.

DIY Marble Table Top

1 Kmart cheeseboard. $15
1 Bunnings marble tile $4.55

Turn the tile upside down so the paper is facing you, Trace around the cheeseboard with a pencil (i suggest not using a sharpie as i got quite a lot of it around the side of the board).

Cut out the tile.

take of the sticky back and place on the cheese board (i placed it over the side with the writing so if i want to use it in the future on the wood side i can).

Notes: a really quick and easy project. If i was to make another one i would stick the board straight onto the back of the tile, and cut around it to avoid the pen marks around the sides. I am thrilled though with how it turned out.

I have mine sitting on a Kmart washing basket.

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