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The Christmas Spirit

One of last years trees.

My Mum was a huge Christmas Nut, and I have inherited that trait, and we go all out for Christmas, makes it more special, as it’s usually only just the three of us as we have no Family living in Tas.

I am seeing a lot of people putting up there trees really early this year, or a lot saying no its way too early to put them up wait until the 1st of December.

Whilst our’s are not yet up (ok maybe one but thats because i brought it a few days before christmas last year and it was just way too pretty to put it away, its a christmas light tree). I usually wait until after Halloween (This week) & Angels Birthday (which is two weeks away).

But i have started buying little bits and pieces that i have found in Kmart and Woolworths, I also have a Kmart Lay-by on which has some of the new Christmas Home Decor.

Our Dining table has some new christmas (White with Gold Polka-Dots) Placemats, & A paper bag with gold stars with a faux palm tree in it, i will replace the palm with a small christmas tree.

last years Faux FirePlace we made.

I usually start planning things in my head a few months out, and it gives me an idea of what i want to look out for when things start arriving in the shops. In November I like to start getting organised with the decor and organising. In December i start concentrating more on the Menu Plan side of things.

This year i have plans to build a couple of things so i would like to factor time for that in whilst Jack is on Annual Leave.

At this stage i don’t know how the Faux Fireplace held up being in the shed for almost 12 months. So i was thinking of making something new. Our Faux fire got broken so need to look outside the box and think of a new idea of what to put inside it.

We have a variety of trees in all different shapes, colours & textures that i fill the room up with.

This year i have changed our decor dramatically so i am thinking a more Scandinavian (white, wood, perhaps some copper tones) theme. I would also like to change the colourings this year, as we have had the teal / blue for a few years now. Much of our furnishings now are Grey / White with pops of colour. So i am hoping that will look ok.

I like to have themes either in spaces or on the trees.
We have a White tree that i usually put a set of round fairy baubles that over the years have started to change colour and give a more vintage feel.

At the end of each christmas season i have been sorting things by colour and categories to make it easier for the following year and this does make things a lot easier, although i buy so many things closer to christmas that i tend to forget that i have them at all, and its a pleasant surprise when i am sorting through things the next year.

Some handy Links if you are / or want to to be organised this year. (I will add more as i come across them)

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