I Write Because

I write because I always have what feels like a million things that swirl around my head and if i didn’t my head would explode with the amount of things that i shouldn’t be worried about but continue to think about anyway…


  • What needs to be done in the day + What appointments Jack and Angel need to attend. + What Photos that i need to take for various photo prompts and how many i have missed. + The fact that i haven’t printed out the photos that i have taken. + Emails that i haven’t responded too. + Wether or not i should rejoin the Michelle Bridges Programme again. + What i need to get organised for Angels Birthday & Room Makeover. + Getting organised for Christmas. + Putting away the Halloween Decorations. + Tv Shows + What to have for dinner +

It feels like its never ending and before i have even finished something i am thinking about the next thing that need to be done.

Add your memory {Comment} to the jar.

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