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Things I’ve Learned…

42 years of age I have learned a thing or twelve about dealing with people over the internet.

  • That you can’t trust everyone! That even though they make out that they are your friend and that they support you they are only in it for there own benefit because they think that they can get something from you for free.
  • That being nice isn’t always the best way to deal with people, sometimes you just gotta fight fire with fire.
  • Not every Social Media Status, photo or comment is about someone, Sometimes it’s just because YOU like it and it speaks to you.
  • That people can’t be happy for you when you achieve a goal that you have dreamed about, they have to make it all about them, and how they failed their dream.

  • Even if you thought of something, designed it from thoughts in your head, there is always that one person who thought of it before you did.

  • That it’s possible of plagiarising yourself, and then get accused of plagiarising someone else.

  • A large percentage of Instagram photos are only a portion of the real story.

  • Most of us make spelling mitakes.. Stop being the grammar police..

  • There are more trolls on Social Media than their are living under the bridge.

  • Don’t believe everything you read online, most of it has been written by people that have an agenda.

  • That perfect blog theme Doesn’t exist… But you will spend a long time looking for it.

  • We more often end up disappointed by those we look up to the most. Instead of idolising someone else, start loving who you are, and become the person that others would look up too.

Tell me in the comments things that you have learned, looking forward to hearing from you.

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