DIY: Gallery Wall

When i started Mrs. B’s Place one of the first things that i shared was my plan for a gallery wall.

This was that idea. Overtime i have gathered up more fames and pictures so will be doing another featuring many of these pictures, i just need a million more frames and hooks. (It’s a constant Work in Progress).

So why where these finally put up, after what 6 months of waiting. That would be because my lovely daughter was throwing around a pineapple doorstop in the lounge room and it landed smack bang onto of the pile of stuff to go on the wall and smashed the Yeah Yeah Yeah frame into a billion glass pieces, so i have had to stick it together with double sided tape. After that Jack helpfully put down his stuffy books and pen and helped put them up.. Safer on the wall than on the floor, or in a million pieces.

I will overtime probably change this out a little, when new things come in, but think that it will stay pretty much like this for a while.

Most of the items where brought at local to me stores, (See Below)


+ This is life canvas, Lounge. – The Importer​
+ @ – Chille​
+ Black & White &, Hello word, – Target Australia​
+ Copper & – The Reject Shop​
+ Black Marquee &, Yeah yeah yeah print, Enjoy the little things, love, – Kmart Australia​
+ Wooden Frames – Shiploads​
+ Small white frame, shadowbox frame – IKEA Australia​, Picture is from Fallon Savill​’s engagement party.
+ White give thanks print Ali Edwards Design​
+ Flowers – Bruce’s​

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