The Space to Write

The scene is set. TV is on. The Cat Curled up in the corner of the lounge or squashed in beside me. As usual there is crap everywhere, from projects that i have started and not completed yet. My coffee getting cold on the table that sits in front of me. (making me more aware that i need a new coffee machine soon). My laptop is hot from being on so long. (Come on Santa are you listening to my wish list here). My Phone buzzes in the background with notifications that i usually ignore.

Still i sit here being distracted by my own thoughts and all of the chaos that is my life going on around me. I try and write when no-one else is around cause you know who needs the extra distractions. Thoughts running here there and everywhere on what to write, most of the time aware that it makes no sense to anyone but me. Getting things out onto the page to free up some room for more thoughts to invade my already crowded brain.

Being distracted and aware that what I write will no doubt be picked apart for one reason or another. Someday’s words spill out onto the page with out any trouble at all, other days i struggle to string a sentence together. I have used many prompts and tools to create a post, in-fact today’s post is made up of one of those prompts.

Now its your turn Send me a message to my Contact Page or just leave a comment below with a couple of prompt ideas. I look forward to hearing from you.

Add your memory {Comment} to the jar.

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