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A Sleeping Meditation

Draft a Meditation on life inspired by nature surrounding you…

As I lay here trying to fall asleep, I turn over and reach for my iPhone and play a meditation, it is a warm shower, some meditation or the radio that are the only things that can get me to sleep these days..

I hear the wind whipping against the ocean, getting stronger and stronger.
A voice comes on, in a soothing yet comforting tone, saying:

Relax from yourself head to toe.
Breath in Breath out.
Take a longer breath in and slowly out again
Gather your thoughts and Take another breath.
The ocean sounds making me feel at ease.
Slowly move your toes and think comforting thoughts,
if you stray from your thoughts just come back to yourself and take three deep breaths.
Imagine yourself walking along the oceans edge, the sand moving through your toes, and the water lapping at your legs.
Move your thoughts up the body slowly bit by bit, breath in and out.
Just re-adjust your thoughts and breath if you begin to stray from the meditation just come back to your breaths.
Birds off in the distance.
Trees rustling..
Open your mind to new horizons.
Move your head slightly around.
Breath in Breath out.
If I haven’t fallen asleep by now, i am more awake than before.
Take a longer breath in and then out again
Gather your thoughts and Take another breath.
Slowly breath & think of happy thoughts,
not straying away from what you should be thinking about.
Come back to reality and open your eyes.

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