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Coffee & Chat Tuesday…


If we were having coffee right now…

I would tell you the I have been saving this post since yesterday and i will backdate todays post. 🙂

If we were having coffee right now…

I would ask you how you are doing, are you ok? (Reply below in comments).

What exciting things do you have happening, are you looking forward to Christmas, (if you celebrate it) is the tree up yet?

IMG_0652 IMG_0661

I have 6 trees up so far (2 still undecorated) and still heaps more to do. I need to start thinking about a menu and gifts (its only the three of us this year, but having just had angels birthday it can prove quite a task finding something for her, Jack’s not too difficult now he has a boat).

We also have another Rent Inspection at the end of the month so I need to get that organised.


Jack and Angel both have heaps of things going on at the moment, He has just returned to work after three weeks off, it was lovely to have him home, and we got a few things ticked off of my ever growing list. One of them being my gallery wall that I have been waiting months to get done.


I have a long list of woodworking jobs that I want Jack to do, but need to get more wood, I am addicted to the Ana-White page & Homes + magazine at the moment. We built this bed / deck for Angel for her room for her birthday. I would love one for the backyard for summer.


If we were having coffee right now…

We would talk about the current world events of Paris and around the world. How sad it has made me feel about a place that i have always wanted to visit.

We would discuss the weather (not overly warm compared to the rest of Australia who are in the 30’s/40) and other things happening in the news.

If we were having coffee right now…

I would tell you how much I am loving the Home Decorating Pages and prettying up the house.


That I am looking forward to getting my other two grey casual chairs off lay-by so I can finally have a full dining room suite. (currently only have two chairs). Also have a massive Target Lay-by on too that I need to get, it has so much LisaT stuff. Looking around now i wonder where i will put it all.


That i am thinking of getting the old table back out of the shed (or buying a wooden one from Kmart) and putting it on the deck for the summer, it would be lovely to sit out there and have a BBQ. The deck is feeling really neglected at the moment. (We brought six chairs for the table and they are now out the back so thinking of putting them to use). On one of the decks like we built for Angel.


I would love a couple of these too. We do have an outdoor setting similar to this that we have had for a few years.

That i am addicted to buying chairs.. if you haven’t worked that out. 🙂

I have a chaise lounge that i brought that i need to paint. thinking for the wood a white or perhaps silver, and for the fabric a grey or blue to match my Mad Men style chair.

If we were having coffee right now…

I would tell you how hungry i feel, and i hope that there is something nice and filling on the menu, that doesn’t have Seafood in it.

If we were having coffee right now…

I would tell you that i would love to make this a regular part of my page.

If we were having coffee right now…

I would be enjoying your company

In reality… 

I am sitting in my lounge room, tv on. Jack’s asleep because he worked nightshift, and has a medical this afternoon and then another nightshift. Angel’s at school so its quiet. And i have a cup of coffee that is going cold.


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