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Under the Tree…


A few years ago now i did a blog post about what gifts i would like to find under the tree, I got some really N A S T Y comments about it. From being greedy and self centered and why am i not thinking of other people, so many go without at christmas time, i shouldnt be thinking of myself. This has stayed with me, and its been about  a number of years.

          Over the years i have seen hundreds of blog posts about what people would like to see under the tree for themselves. So i though stuff it (and the haters) i am doing a what i would like to find under the tree list. 


Diary: For me diary’s represent a new start and I could do a list just on them alone. Last year I gifted myself a gold Kikki K Diary, and even though i got gifts off other people, my gift to myself was a special one because i have loved to sit and write in special events and our day to day life stories. There are so many choices that it does make it hard to choose what is the best one. I have brought Kikki K, Lorna Jane, Erin Condren, Heidi Swapp and more over the years. For 2016 i have brought the Collective Diary (have actually had it for months) and a cheepo Kmart one that i can throw into my handbag. Not sure yet what my main diary will be. Perhaps i will find it under the christmas Tree.


Jewellery: I LOVE Jewellery and i would be so happy if i found a bracelet or ring (years ago i brought a little christmas stocking off of one of the girls in a group i was in, it says for special little things (or something like that). Perhaps i will find it under the christmas Tree.



A Cruise or a Holiday: Yeah even i know that’s never going to happen. But a girl can dream can’t she. I remember Jack wanting to go to the football, well that didnt happen but i did get him a years Foxtel Football coverage. Perhaps i will find it under the christmas Tree.

A Kmart Voucher :
Seriously how cool would this be, i can’t go in there these days without buying something that i like, the Home decor is right on trend and it just keeps getting better. All that Marble and Copper. Perhaps i will find it under the christmas Tree.


Lisa T from Target : I am really liking some of the new Lisa T stuff, i have some on Layby, so i might put that under the tree for myself Perhaps i will find it under the christmas Tree.





Colouring In Books : Simple but i cant get enough of these, and its something that Angel and I can do together, infact anything craty would be great. Perhaps i will find it under the christmas Tree.


Suculents : Simple but much appreciated, I am starting to add them to other rooms in the house now that they are growing, so more of them would be nice. Perhaps i will find it under the christmas Tree.




DVD’s  | CD’s : I know i have Netflix now and can pretty much watch what ever when ever, but i would love to be able to complete a couple of series that i have been gifted in previous years like Offspring, Brothers and Sister, or the whole series of Parenthood. Mad Men would be great too. Then there is the CD’s – Jimmy Barnes, Adam Brand, Cold Chisel would be greatfully accepted and added to my playlist. Perhaps i will find it under the christmas Tree.


A Bellabeat tracker : Since i first saw these earlier in the year i have wanted one, seems everytime they bring them out i am broke, so to find one of these in my stocking would be fabulous. (would love one for Angel as well). Perhaps i will find it under the christmas Tree.


For Jack and Angel to be Happy. It’s not easy buying gifts for her as she gets older, and with her birthday only 7 weeks before christmas, but i have some things on Layby that she knows about already and will no doubt find some other things for her. Jack it will be boat related :Perhaps They will find it under the christmas Tree.

Of course i am not going to say no to a New Macbook, Iphone, Apple TV, Coffee Machine, Kitchenaid / Thermomix Accessories, Camera, Diamonds, etc, they will be greatfully accepted.

What is on your wish list. (World Peace, and fixing all the worlds problems are a given, this is a hypothetical something for you gift).

Add your memory {Comment} to the jar.

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