Before December


As I start decorating the house in November I have quite a few weeks of getting ready and preperation photos from Trimming the Trees, to putting up lights and all of the small details that i like to prepare.


This year as our theme is woodland wonderland, (Yes i am pretty sure that is a thing LOL) we have collected branches, tree stumps & Pinecones to use for decorating along with our decorations and trees that we have had for years and new bits and peices that we have collected. 


In typical Angel style, she has played the Tree on top of the Angel game, for many years Jack has lifted her up to try and put her on the top of the tree. Also playing amongst the boxes of Baubles. 


The cat has loved being involved and you will no doubt see many more photos of her having fun with all of the trees and “helping” as much as a kitten can “help”. 

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