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Christmas Traditions.


As i work through December Daily, i am noticing that we have a lot of established traditions and things that we enjoy doing as a family.


Our cat Mae patiently waiting for a christmas gift.

Making and organising the Advent Calender, Each year as Angel has grown this has changed, I used to be all about candy canes and small chocolates, now its about nail polish and lip balm.


a Netflix fireplace

Watching christmas movies and enjoying each others company. A nice glass of wine and some cheese, and flicking through netflix to find something new to watch. Loved A very Murry Christmas. or just watching the fireplace burn and liten to christmas carols.

Cooking up all of the christmas goodies that we only have once a year. Mum always made rum balls and Nuts & Bolts, pavlovas and triffle are a hit too.

Walking through the markets and finding christmas decorations, especially when you go looking for a book to make said decoration and end up finding the decoration that you want to make instead. BONUS.. (as and added bonus the christmas book that you originally brought a few days ago being too good to use so you have that now too).

Visiting Christmas Shops and finding new christmas decorations to decorate our many trees with. We have some beautiful stand-alone christmas shops, but also some lovely gift shops that have some one off peices.

Looking at christmas lights, and walking through the houses that open their yards up for the holiday season. There is a local Christmas Lights list and a few of the homes you can walk through the gardens and look at the lights.

Going to various Christmas Parades & Carols. Our local one is on Christmas Eve and goes straight past our house, then its a short walk to the local park to watch the carols, walk home and have our now annual hot cocco buffet, watch the Carols by Candlelight (this is a must as i have done this pretty much every year of my life).

Baking Bill Grangers Apple Bread on Christmas Eve to have for boxing day, after doing this for about 5 years i somehow managed to miss it last year because we where so busy.

Now that we are in another state and away from family we have started a few of our own traditions, like having christmas dinner and then going for a walk along the beach, if we feel up to it.

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