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Resolutions and Goals…


Whilst i dont want to set myself up to fail, i would like to acheive a few things over the next 366 days, there are no speciific time limits, no strickt diet plan. 

Drink more water –  this is something that i don’t do enough of. Managed 1L today which is the most i have had all-week. 

I dont want to spend the rest of my 40’s on a quest to lose weight, I would like to enjoy life and what it has to offer, so i figure eat in moderation, walk when i can and generally just be happy in my own skin.

It’s great to take photos, but i dont need to feel guilty if i dont print them or do anything with them, and on that note i dont need to feel guilty if is miss a day of one of the many photo a day’s. The same goes for any other type of Memory Keeping. 

Be happier. Stop being so angry at the world and how shit it is, make the best of each day and enjoy life more. Do more of the things that Jack and Angel want to do.. 

Blog only when i feel like it, if it doesnt fall on one of my blogging days i will shedule it for the next available date. 



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