Beltane Bliss Balls

IMG_2159The Joys of school holidays and finding something to do. Yesterday we made Bliss Balls. With tons of recipies online these days there is probably one with the same ingredients who knows.. But this is what i throw into ours when i make them. Sometimes i may not have something on hand or like yesterday i already have a mix of ingredients that i have put together.

[“Beltane Bliss Balls” servings=” 20+” time=”2hr” difficulty=”easy”]

Beltane Bliss Balls


Soften dates
I had a pre-made mixture of LSA, Mixed fruit, Chia, Chia & Linseed, Fibre Toppers (that i made the day before for our porridge).


Mix together Soften dates & Cacao (and any other ingredients you have on hand), i have also at times added oats. You may need to add a little water, i don’t measure i just go by the texture of the mix. Put into fridge for about ½ an Hour
In separate bowls add essences We used – Coconut, Lemon, Peppermint, Rum
In Seperate Bowls add toppings We Used – LSA, Chia, Chia & Linseed, Coconut, De Ruters
Divide the mixture into 4 (by amount of essences you use). Mix each bowl up. Using a teaspoon make small balls from each mixture, Roll in desired toppings We rolled all of them in the assorted toppings so no idea as to which is which.
Recipe Made 55 Bliss Balls



She is pretty pleased with her efforts.



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