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Planning and Prompting

Bordem or just plain crazy. These are the Challenges & Planners that i am taking part in / using this year.

Heidi Swapp Planner is being used for 

  • FMS Photo A Day​ – Have been doing this one for a few years now and love trying to find photos to take that fit the prompts.
  • Year Of Photos Challenge​ – This is a new one, quite interesting putting these prompts with the FMS ones (E.G 11 is Outdoors & Sunset, 25: Numbers & Mail).
  • Capture Your 365​ – Have also used these prompts for the past couple of years.
  • FMY 52 Weeks of Memories​ – This is my second year doing this one, its weekly so a lot easier to manage.
  • 52 Week Photography Challenge​ – This is a new one for me, and a great choice of weekly prompts.
  • Capture 30​ / Heidi Swapp Memory Planer – Loving this one, i did it last year as well.
  • My One Little Word for 2016 is Focus. I missed out on signing up still on the ledge about if i have the time / want to do another year of prompts since i didn’t use any last year.
  • Doing Project Life on the Becky Higgins LLC​ App this year. Using the above prompts and general photos.
  • Blogging at My Memory Jar​ on Tuesday with my weekly Coffee & Chat post, Thursday & Saturday with Capture 30 Posts and anything else i feel like writing, so some posts maybe backdated.

Heidi Swapp Watercolour Memory planner for a Creative planner

  • Journal Wild​ – Prompts i only just found this two days ago, so need to sit down and go through it.
  • Journal Wild – My Magical Year Workbook
  • Journal Wild – Self Love Kit
  • Unravelling the Year Ahead / Find your word 2016 (Word may yet be put into The other planner)
  • The Reset Girl​ – Writing Prompts for my planner
  • Colour Me Positive 2016 – This is an Art Journal Challenge and the work for the ladies here is outstanding. (Using a Kmart blank journal for this that i have had for a few years). But taking notes in creative planner.
  • Need to Order the Life Workbook from Leonie Dawson​

Wellness Planner (from Kikki K) (in process of ordering this)

  • Considering doing @MB12WBT again, but Get Commando Fit​ is on special so i am seriously looking into this one so would use the Wellness planner to keep track of water / walking food etc
  • Have been taking notes in the Lorna Jane​ @move nourish believe Diary. But truth be told i buy it for the pretty pictures and recipies.
  • Also using the Collective Hub to journal happy / thankful thoughts

Hello Forever Planner from Studio Calico

(for Family Info / holidays / Jack’s Shifts & Uni, Angel School and After School Activities. (also have a small Kmart planner & Kmart Desk Planner and Wall Planner to add things too).

  • Attempting to cook more in my Thermomix this year so using ThermoFun​’s Menu Plan
  • Getting the house organised with the Konmari With Me​ schedule.


Colouring in

is still going to feature this year as its such a relaxing hobby. I still have so many books i have started so no need to buy any for a while.

I also have various books such as My Life Story that i continue to write notes into. Q&A A Day that i have blank lines in where i have missed a day / month here and there so may just go back and fill in the gaps to fill the book up. Same with the Happiness Project Sentance a Day.

Phew i think thats all of it.

Add your memory {Comment} to the jar.

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