Photo’s, Stories & Thoughts


Most of my days are spent thinking about photos

My photos are a disaster

Looking forward to watching Becky Higgins LLC #projectphotorescue once it goes up on youtube. Missed the Periscopes of it, and want to watch it in one sitting. Even just reading the updates on Instagram have been inspring. 

With such an assortment of photos, and unfinished old projects around the house, it maybe a project that could take a while.

My Story

On a side note my book is 150+ pages long.. and I haven’t finished filling in all of the questions. But I have gotten further than i had in the past two years, Angel may think i am wasting my time now, but getting it all down in writting is very important to me, and it really makes the day fly by. 


At the moment these are just thoughts and looking into the brand, so it may never happen.

Do you have an Olympus Camera? 

Over the past few days I have been looking into geting an Olympus Pen Lite E-PL7 in Silver. Idealy I would also like the Silver Lenses but seem to be only finding them in the black, so i may need to look at buying the body first and then the lenses.

I have always been a Canon girl, but also have had a few Samsung and Fuji Cameras. Jack is currently using my Samsung NX-300 and he is loving that. But I am looking for something a little smaller and less bulky.

What are your thoughts on this camera if you have it.

^Photo done in Typorama.

One Reply to “Photo’s, Stories & Thoughts”

  1. I like that you call yourself a “Home Executive Blogger.” Good one. I don’t own a camera, except on my Ipad. No suggestions from me about those, but I do love photos. Keep it up!


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