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Stuff I Love Saturday


Stuff I Love Saturday


I brought a couple of books from Shiploads a few weeks ago, they are sitting in the Hallway Bookcase, I have been so engrossed in writting my own story that I have barely had time to do anything else. But hopefully i get a chance to read them soon


Still on MB12WBT so have been having those meals. Looking forward to a Sunday roast for Valentine’s Day.


Totally loving The X Files Re-Boot. Mulder and Scully will always be amazing. Molly was great to watch. looking forward to Sunday Nights episode. Loved Wanted, great to see Rebecca Gibney in something diffrent. Just watched the new episode of Jack Irish. Another great Australian cast. Been binge watching Rehab Addict. Got Stan as well as Netflix and Fetch so i have so many things i want to watch now.




Thinking of setting up a Capsule Wardrobe, so go and buy some outfits only to find that three of the tops don’t fit, so gave them to Angel, she loves them. Am loving the Jeggings i brought .


Lots of updates on Coffee & Chat Tuesday. Big blog make over, over the past day or so. New front page and working on the widgets and older posts.

Caught my eye


Just going through my photos to find one to share, and come across this one of my girl.

On this Day

2015: Shoulda Woulda Coulda & An Update on Me

2014: Meal Plan (Feb 14)

2013: photo a day without a photo

2012 ; Bragbags and Organisation

Feb 13 2011

As found on Veggie Mama.


  1. I enjoyed your sampling of things you love. Your daughter is beautiful also.

    Tell me more about Familyphotosfoodcraft Do you write for them? Did you design the colorful crayon logo and is “Stuff I Love Saturday” your weekly post? All lovely by the way.


    • Tell me more about Familyphotosfoodcraft Do you write for them?
      Family Photos Foods & Craft / Mr’s B’s Place / My Memory Jar is my blog, it’s had a few names over the years as i have changed blogging platforms. I have been running my blog since 2005.

      Did you design the colorful crayon logo.
      I didn’t design the logo i found it online, and added my text to it. Most of the time i use an app called typorama.

      and is “Stuff I Love Saturday” your weekly post?
      I have just discovered the Saturday post on another blog (link at the bottom of my post), i have been looking for a while, and have been wanting to add a regular Saturday post like my Coffee & Chat Tuesday one & my monthly Currently one.

      All lovely by the way.
      Many thanks, and thank you for the comment.


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