Looking outside the Square


I have been a planner girl for “YEARS”!!! Jack has gone to a meeting so i thought i would sit down sort them into years and go through them.

Brings up lots of old memories sure, but have also managed to find key dates of Births, Deaths & Marriages that i didn’t have on my Ancestry account.

So a huge win for me.


Mind you i have only worked on 1999 and now working on 2000.

So updating my Ancestry account and also my Suck UK Ltd My Life story book at the same time.

Then it also occurs to me that i have been given information on my Messenger over the years from family, so once this diary thing is done with i will print out what i can find and go through that also.

Sometimes it pays to look outside the square (Laptop/google/internet), and go backwards in order to go forwards.

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