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Snapfish Photo Books

Well after the Vistaprint debarcle of not getting the correct book (I received someone else’s book on Hawaii) and then cancelling the one i created i decided on buying via Snapfish via Kmart online.

I ordered them on the Afternoon of the 17th and received them today. So what are my thoughts and would i order this way again.

I used just the Project Life App for this month (Book 1 / January). So the photos are a lot larger than using the collect app. Im quite happy with the look of it, and the photos are ok, considering most of them where taken on my phone.

The Original Layout’s for (Book 2 / February) where done using the collect app, and then put into the project life app, looks crisper.

The printed layout is a little dull, and the text is really hard to read. I have just realised why as i downloaded the photos via Facebook, rather than via my computer which gives them a lower resolution. My mistake totally there. But handy to know for next time.

I really love the larger format photos, and in future would probably not worry about doing them via Project Life or Collect as i found that the smaller photos are a little blurry, probably more to do with them being taken on my phone than the actual printing of the book.

So my verdict:

  • I am happy that i have two books of photos full of memories of our little family, considering last year I didn’t do much project life at all. Just having a couple of months worth of Photos in print is a good thing.
  • Not having to stress about if i have enough photo paper and ink for the Selphie or the Printer, or finding pages or a new album for project life cards.
  • I do need to Journal more.
  • I have learnt which format i prefer, and as much as i love project life and the collect apps, I will probably just do single photos, or perhaps just days rather than weeks.
  • I love that I can write information as to which month it is on the spine.
  • Happy with the Hardcovers.
  • I may use another service next time (March / April) just so i can compare as to which one I like.
  • Jack and Angel both like them, and i like that she can just go to the bookcase and look through them when she wants, she doesn’t do that with the Albums.

We are getting quite the little collection of history for our family in book form, and I am loving how they look on the shelf. Only another ten to complete the year 🙂

* The books where paid for by me and these are my own thoughts on the product.

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