Stuff i love Saturday

March 26th 2016

STUFF: Well as luck would have it it’s my birthday today (Saturday) which would be the reason why this post is so late. We ended up going into Burnie, Devonport and Latrobe to do some sightseeing and shopping. Being that it was my first major outing in a month due to still having no car (we got a hire car for the long weekend). A quick trip to Kmart to get some things for my Birthday and then to Spotlight to get my Birthday Gifts, which in both cases was more files and albums. Still no replacement for the Our Life Story Book that was damaged, so not sure what i am going to do about that, as they are not responding to Jack’s messages to them.

READS: MAKE IT HAPPEN: Michelle Bridges. (Still)

EATS: Lots of soup lately. Jack made up batches of assorted soups and we have been having mixture’s of them each day. i don’t think we have had the same flavour twice. But as the weather is getting cooler it is lovely to have ht healthy soups.

VIEWS: We had a look around town, to the parts that we haven’t been getting to over the past month. Amazing how much changing in a month. New homes going up, homes being renovated all over town.

TV: HGTV and 9 Life.



CAUGHT MY EYE: Lots of pretty things in Spotlight and Kmart.

ON THIS DAY: i was born in 1973. i went to dunedin in 2009

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