What The… Wednesday


I saw this article on Affordable Wedding Dresses and H&M offering more affordable dresses for your big day.

I looked in Melbourne, and i think i may have also looked in Canberra, and in Western Australia for something to wear on my Wedding Day. In the end i got the dress from my favourite Hippy shop on the day we got married, i paid the huge some of $60. for it. I was able to wear it on many occasions after we got married.

My daughter has also worn the dress for a school social. I don’t fit into it right now, but it’s still brings me joy to look at it and i still love it. (It needs to have the straps repaired as when daughter wore it the straps broke). But it is 15 years old.

If you are unable to buy a 2k, 5k or even 10k dress on a chip budget then you can’t and don’t put yourself into debt to do so. I think all up our elopment cost around $500 and that included the marraige licence and registry office wedding, shoes, dress and accessories.

Yes it would have been nice to have a diffrent wedding and we thought about renenwing our vows a few times, but have never gotten around to it, that doesn’t make our marraige or wedding any less valid or unimportant. Infact we are probably closer now than we where when we got married after only knowing each other for 4 months.

So yes if you can afford a dress that cost’s the price of a car or a kitchen appliance then go right ahead and do so, it is you’re money after all. If not then go and buy something affordable and look back on your special day with fondness.


2 Replies to “What The… Wednesday”

  1. Thanks for following my blog. Most appreciated.

    I enjoy your posts. I love that you found a bargain dress for the most special occasion of all. So glad your life is full of many fond memories.


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