Finding the Joy in the Journey

Lens of Joy… 

I got up this morning with no intention of Joining this class even though i had looked at it, and wondered what it would be like, Then i read that it was the last day of registration. Still ummed and aahed about it. Told Jack about it and he said well just do it, So i did. and i am not sorry about it. 

I have spent the rest of the day going through the 5 video’s on the page and taking notes (20 pages so far). I have no ink in the printer until next week so will print out the worksheets then. But so far i have no regrets about joining. Jack also sat in the lounge room listening to the video’s and think that even he has taken away thoughts on it. 

I have been feeling really despondent when it comes to my photography, and have buried myself into sorting out my photos and memory keeping and mixing that in with family history / genealogy in recent months. So it was nice to sit and listen and think about how i want my photography to proceed. 

One thing that i did think about as i was playing around with my camera and thinking about photos and memory keeping was Date Stamping on the Photos. Going through the old photos for the family history this is the one thing that really bothers me, that they don’t have some kind of date on them. I am thinking more long term here in regards to future generations, and how frustrating it is trying to figure out who people are. 

I am really looking forward to doing the rest of the course in the coming weeks, and putting what i learn into practice.

I am also planning on getting the Week in the Life kit (even though i havent printed out last years photos). But i did enjoy the process of Both Week & Day in the life.

There are also qute a number of courses on Big Picture Classes that i am looking at doing.

So between Ali Edwards, Becky Higgings, Heidi Swapp and Big Picture classes etc. crossed with and Konmari, Ultimately this all ties in with memory keeping and keeping the end in mind. 

2 Replies to “Finding the Joy in the Journey”

  1. Yes i have always loved photography and photos, but this past few months sorting through it all has been so wonderful, finding things i didn’t realise i had, and creating books for my 14 year old daughter.


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