Ali Edwards

Lens of Joy,


Photo taken by Nic Beltane 2016 / Using Ali Edwards Lens of Joy Overlays / OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So after a big weekend on 14/18, then spending last week playing with my new camera, I was finally able to sit down today and catch up on Ali Edwards – Lens of Joy Class.

I had watched up until week 2, so had the week 2 Q&A to watch, All of Week 3, and Self portrait of week 4, which is what i am currently watching.  So got up this morning and from 7:30am until about 1 i have been watching them, i am having a little break (had lunch, jack’s gone off to an appointment, and i’m writing this post, then i will get back into watching the last video).

My note book is OVER-FLOWING with ideas and notes. to the point where i can’t recall the last time i almost filled a note book up (I am a start one and leave it empty type of girl).

I am getting more and more confident with my camera (i took this photo last night when we took a quick drive around town, as the sun had started to set). A lot of that has to do with this class, it has really changed the way i look at taking photos.

Getting ideas on how to sort my photos as well. I now have them in Folders on my Laptop (it took me so long to work out how to do this, and once i did i was thrilled at how simple it was). So it has made it more manageable to work on things.

And after watching today’s video’s I am even more looking forward to doing Week in the Life next week.

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