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Mothers Day gift ideas from Kmart,


With Mother’s day only weeks away i have just been sitting looking through the Kmart Catalogue.

Last year i was lucky to get a blue and pink version of these Cup & Saucer sets, and i adore them, and it was only a few weeks ago that the blue one got broken.





yummmmm cake, this cake set is so pretty. Thinking it would also be great for cheese as well. Jack and I have weekly cheese nights now.

I have been wanting to watch Joy for a while, and we watched the Dressmaker earlier this month and really enjoyed it.

I love scarves, and even though i culled my collection last year, i have managed to add a few new ones, plus i love to see them draped over the hall stand or a chair.

Bags are my thing, I am always on the lookout for one that i can put a camera into, and this one looks like it would be ideal for what i am after. I brought an Instax bag when i brought my camera and i love all of the little pockets in it, but its still not the right size to fit a camera (even the small one i have) into it.




I am in desperate need of a wardrobe makeover, things either don’t fit, or i have had them so long they are due for a fashion revival. Since winter is fast approaching it looks like some big Jumper and Tunics could make their way into my wardrobe. Plus some skinny jeans.

I have for so long wanted a pair of tall boots, i am 4ft 5. so finding shoes for me is like finding a miracle, having thick calf’s doesn’t help either. So for years i have just brought angle or a little higher ones. But these could be what i am looking for.





New throws and cushions never go unused around here.

I absolutely love greenery in white or natural looking pots, even just sitting on a table.




I also love a next of tables together, I am currently using the tables that i made from Kmart Baskets & Cheeseboards, with a Bunnings marble tile over the top.





Now if you know me well you would know i LOVE photos, and some of my favourites recently where taken on my birthday last month using my Instax Camera, they have been sitting strung across the fire place with the twinkle light kit i got for my birthday. These would look lovely placed in a frame like this.



One thing i am big on is buying cards, and i really think that these ones are so sweet. Much of the Kmart Jewellery i can’t wear because it reacts with my skin, but i do like to make planner charms out of them








This is not a sponsored post from Kmart, just things that i like from the latest mothers day catalogue.





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