WEIGHT LOSS: 28 By Sam Woods

IMG_6700For the past few years i have been doing the Michelle Bridges 12 Week Body Transformation (MB12WBT), it’s great and i love the program, and i will most likely return to it at some stage done the track. but felt that it was time for a change, so have joined http://28bysamwood.com

I start on Monday. I spent some time last night looking over the plan and the menu, and i am really looking forward to doing it. I have no problems with the menu plan, and its very similar to what we have been having on MB12WBT for the past few years. I think as always it is the fitness side of any program that i struggle with, thankfully this is only 28 minutes, so i am hoping that i will be ok. I did have a fall a few day ago, and have been in agony with my back so that’s my biggest worry at the moment. But baby steps.

Not sure how much if any i will share here, but i do have a fitness page on Facebook if you want to follow me.

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