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I wrote this a few mornings ago, i couldn’t sleep..

Subject: Pain 
Get up at 7. 
in pain.
Spend the morning listening to the rain.
Try and sit and watch tv. 
in pain.
Down tablets like they are going out of fashion.
Lunchtime rolls around. 
in pain.
Get Jack to put deep heat on my back again.
Day drags on. 
in pain.
Take a bath, watch the water go down the drain.
Summon up the strength to go to the shops.
in pain.
With out a car until we can get one again.
Home I trudged, puffing and panting. 
in pain.
Small steps are all I can make my body feels the strain.
My body it does shake. 
in pain.
Tired but determined to stay awake.
Sleep evades me once my head hits the pillow. 
in pain.
After all of the tablets and vszsßd

I must have finally fallen asleep before finishing it..


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