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The Water



Nic Beltane

[The Water]

It shimmers like a sparkling diamond when the sun hits. It is moody and foreboding when the clouds are above. The twists and turns of the water lapping against the brick wall. Fishing boats line the wharfs edge, removing their Haul from the boats deck to take to the local merchants. Tired and Sore from a long night on the ocean.

A lonely figure sits on the waters edge, a fishing pole in hand. He is hoping for his first catch of the day. He recalls in his mind when he and his father, and grandfather before him sat here, somehow those thoughts don’t make him feel so alone.

A family enjoying a meal together sit on a picnic blanket. A flock of birds eye their movements, hoping to feast on what they have in the basket that they carry with them. The cafe that sits above the wharf that overlooks the bay has people enjoying each others company and catching up on each others news.

Off in the distance some golfers are busy teeing off, Hoping for a hole in one. Cars whiz past oblivious to the people and goings on below. They are in a hurry to get to where they need to be, not taking the time to stop and take in the beauty below them.

As day turns to dusk, the sunsetting above the tree line, it hits the water turning it into a rainbow of bright colours. Night comes al. so quickly and the lights from the nearby homes and streets cast a twinkling star like effect, The moon shining down lights

All in a day on the water.

© Nic Beltane 2016

[Today’s Prompt]

Poetry, Day One: Water : Let’s get started with the essentials: today, write a poem about water. It can be a murky puddle or a glistening lake. Amniotic fluid or your grandfather’s glass of Seltzer. A bath, a hose, or an oasis. It’s time to pay poetic homage to H2O.

Add your memory {Comment} to the jar.

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