The Painted Lady

[The Painted Lady]


She sits above the fireplace, looking out over those that live here. You can see the pain in her eyes, wondering to yourself what the artist who painted her was thinking. Who was she, Did she live in this house? What was her life like?  What was her story? Did she travel the world in search of adventure , or was she a figment of his perfect woman.Was she his muse, the love of his life, the one that got away or broke his heart. So many questions left unanswered  about the painted lady. How did she come to be sitting above the fireplace in this old house.


Todays Prompt:
Poetry, Day Two: Face: For today’s poem, take a single face you know as your point of departure. It doesn’t even have to be a real-life, flesh-and-blood face you’re writing about. Faces are everywhere in the texture of our daily lives: from portraits in the museum to the banknotes in our wallets, and from billboards and street art to online profile pictures.

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