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Friends, how we wish it was like the TV show, Friends these days are mostly online, words written on a screen. Moments shared, wishing them a beautiful birthday wish. They are there for you offering advice, sharing your journey, your grief, your milestones  and are a part of your memories.

Then there are the friends that you have known forever, the ones that saw you through those school days, the awkward teenage years. The ones that when you finally catch up it feels like no time has passed since you have seen each other but in reality it has been years.

Friendships new or old are a treasure to behold,  Secrets and thoughts that you have told,    Memories shared, good times had.  Holding your hand through the bad. Journeys that last throughout the years, The same paths you may not take. But that is not what a friendship makes. 

Todays Prompt
Poetry, Day Three: Friend – Whether it’s about a time they saved your life or a moment when they disappointed you, write today’s poem about a friend: a person, an animal, or even a fictional character that’s close to your heart. You could also address a group of people, or an object that represents friendship for you.

Add your memory {Comment} to the jar.

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